How it works?

Staff and graduate teams from companies and organisations across Australia compete against each other to run the most profitable mini enterprise and raise much needed funds for charity.

Starting with seed funds of $1500, which is provided to each team, the challenge is raise the most funds and be crowned the Million $ Challenge champions and proudly display the converted trophy!

A key element of the Million $ Challenge is collaboration. Big Brothers Big Sisters knows the best ideas come from a shared approach.

Step 1: Form teams of 6 staff or graduates to and enrol to compete in the challenge.

Step 2: Join a host of teams from companies and organisations across in a collaborative and creative process to develop a profitable mini enterprise and raise much needed funds for charity.


Benefits of the Million $ Challenge

Participating teams are faced with a very real challenge of turning an initial capital sum into profit. This means the entrepreneurial activities within the Million $ Challenge program offers participating staff or graduates the opportunity to acquire and practice business and enterprise skills such as:

  • Understanding the role and importance of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The ability to generate business ideas
  • The critical evaluation of business ideas, new products and services
  • Experience in using Start-Up business model templates and business planning
  • Product and market research capability
  • Teamwork and Team Building
  • Preparing creative presentations
  • Pitching business ideas
  • Public speaking
  • Resilience
  • A sense of winning
  • Self-motivation
  • Creative thinking
  • Economic thinking and problem solving skills
  • Building valuable connections
  • Community networking

Does your staff or graduates have what it takes to win the title of Million $ Challenge Champion from other organisations around the country?


Team registrations for September/October 2016 Challenge are filling fast.

Million $ Challenge 2017 is also available in March & August 2017.

Download the Million $ Challenge Dates and module timeline.

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