Challenge your staff or graduates

Do you think your staff or graduates have the experience and skills to build a small start-up business from the ground up by:

  • Tapping into their unique skills
  • Utilising what they have learnt internally
  • Unlocking their incredible potential?

Working in teams of 5-6, Million $ Challenge participants create a start-up business to encourage them to be enterprising and resilient and build real world skills including:

  • Motivation, confidence and resilience
  • Financial and business literacy
  • Creativity and tendency to experiment
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Understanding that businesses can have a social or environmental purpose, and that business is a powerful tool for making the world a better place.

Teams are faced with a very real challenge in turning an initial capital sum into profit.

The challenge – week by week

  • Week 1 – Challenge Begins
    Introduction, understanding of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur guest, mindfulness, resilience, hack session.
  • Week 2 – Bringing an idea to life
    Business planning, networking, mentoring support and Guest Speaker
  • Week 3 – Pitch to the “’Angel Tank”
    Communication and presentation skills, pitching, Angel tank and Guest mentors, Advisory feedback.
  • Week 4-8 – M$C Challenge
    Access to M$C Trainer and Mentor, Jum Lamont throughout the action weeks with planned check-ins.
  • Week 9 – Leadership and Outcomes Leadership
    Presentation re-cap, final outcomes breakdown, celebration event preparation
  • Week 10 – Celebration Pitch
    Celebration event, M$C overall winner and State winners announced

The cost of $2,000 (plus GST) per team includes:

  • Professionally facilitated development days across 10 weeks of the program
  • Access for every team to coaches and business mentors from some of Australia’s largest organisations
  • Provision of $1,500 seed money for the start-up enterprise
  • Continual updates and reports on how your team is progressing throughout the challenge.

Will your team be the next M$C Champions?