What’s it all about

Big Brothers Big Sisters, in association with a variety of graduate industry leaders, is pleased to introduce you to an opportunity that will:

  • Accelerate your staff or graduate’s development
  • Provide opportunities for them to lead and to achieve their learning goals.

Million $ Challenge is Australia’s first cross organisation Leadership and Entrepreneur Development Challenge. The challenge provides staff and graduates with a 10 week immersive and supportive ‘real world’ learning experience that includes:

  • Cross organisational learning and networking
  • Fully facilitated development days
  • Mentoring support
  • Access to coaches and business mentors from some of Australia’s largest organisations.

This is learning by doing!

The Benefits to your company

  • Engage, inspire and motivate your graduate staff
  • Reduce the cost of training whilst delivering continued personal development
  • Provide immersive and supportive cross organisational learning experiences
  • Deliver social impact and raise your public profile
  • Build leadership and resilience qualities across your teams


“Partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters on the Million Dollar Challenge in 2016 provided our graduates with an exceptional, real life experience which gave them the opportunity to challenge their problem solving and creativity skills. It built up their resilience and promoted team work. It was wonderful to see how this challenge helped broaden their social awareness and the impact they, as individuals could have on the society and communities that we all live and work in.” Telstra – Senaya Krishnan, Graduate Program Manager